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TITANIC LIABILITY Essays - Film, Academy Awards, RMS Titanic, Canada

TITANIC LIABILITY April 14, 1912, the ship that even God could not sink met an untimely demise. The "unsinkable" R.M.S. Titanic set out on its maiden voyage to ferry 2,227 men, women and children to America from Southampton. Some of the wealthiest people on the planet were passengers on the ship while others were simple folk traveling in search of a better life for themselves and their families. The following is an account used as a "mock" trial developed by the Anderson, Kill Olick, P.C. law firm to explore a case of tort for negligence in Jensen v. White Star Line. Hans Jensen, a 20-year-old carpenter, and his fiance' Carla Jensen, her brother, Svend, and her Cousin, Niels, were traveling on the "unsinkable" R.M.S. Titanic to The United States. Hans had hoped to make a better wage in America. Hans and Carla shared the same last name but were neither related or married at this time. Because of this, Carla resided in the back part of the ship on Deck F with the other single women, while the boys were stationed on the opposite side of the boat. The facts show that the Titanic was warned well enough ahead of time of possible icebergs and impending danger ahead. The ship did not alter its course or speed. At the time the Titanic hit the iceberg, and the evacuation of the ship began, Hans was already on the top deck helping to load lifeboats. He grew concerned when he did not see his fiance' and began to search for her. Hans found Carla and helped her navigate the subdued crowd to the lifeboat area. He remained with her until she was placed on the boat and was gently lowered into the water below. Hans made a commitment to Carla that he would reunite with Carla in a few days. Alas, he never made it to New York, and his body was never found. Hans and Carla made a wise decision before departing, they choose to create their separate wills before the voyage. Hans named Carla as his sole beneficiary and estate executor. Because of this legal document, Carla takes Hans place as his estate's representative and plaintiff against White Star Lines. Carla Christine Jensen(Hans Jensen's fiance') sued on his estate's behalf. The defendant is WHITE STAR LINES and the witnesses, the Titanic's Second Officer Lightoller and Swedish military attache' Bjornstrom-Steffansson. The remedy being sought in the suit of Jensen v. White Star is compensatory damages to Mr. Jensen's estate for his death. The lawsuit claims the following: physical injuries and the pain and suffering Hans incurred as he froze to death in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, the emotional and anguish of knowing he was going to die which would leave his fiance' alone, and the financial losses for the wages he would have earned performing carpentry work. The plaintiff explained that the White Star Line was grossly negligent and how it was responsible for killing almost 1,500 children, women, and men many of whom were third class passengers including Hans Jensen. The plaintiff also sought punitive damages as punishment of White Star Lines for its wanton and reckless behavior of failing to operate and control the Titanic properly. Not only will punitive damages punish the company monetarily, but also hopefully deter a similar situation occurring in the future. Carla Jensen as the pl aintiff charged that White Star had been incredibly irresponsible in the duty of care for their passengers. She felt that White Star was negligent by failing to provide care as a reasonably careful person would have acted under the same circumstances. The White Star's reckless behavior of failing to properly operate and control the Titanic explain they had not cared about their duty to the passengers. Duty is defined as an obligation or conduct identified in the law as a reasonable behavior in light of a perceived risk. The White Star Line failed to conform to the required standard of care. The White Star Line and its agents, the crew of the Titanic, behaved in an unreasonable manner in many ways. They had the most modern ship in the world, equipped with a modern radio and

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A Comparison Of Luhrmans and Zeffirellis film Versions Of Romeo And Juliet Essays

A Comparison Of Luhrmans and Zeffirellis film Versions Of Romeo And Juliet Essays A Comparison Of Luhrmans and Zeffirellis film Versions Of Romeo And Juliet Essay A Comparison Of Luhrmans and Zeffirellis film Versions Of Romeo And Juliet Essay Essay Topic: To Build a Fire I am comparing Franco Zeffirellis version of Romeo and Juliet, which was produced in 1968 and has won several academy awards. One critic stated His film has become the definitive version in high school classrooms across the country.I am also reviewing Baz Luhrmans Romeo + Juliet. This was produced in 1995. What can you say about a version of Shakespeare that ends with a helicopter chase? As you would imagine it is a much more modern version than Zeffirellis. I am going to review 2 parts of each of the films and try and come to a conclusion to show which is better and why. The scenes I will be reviewing are the opening scenes and the party scenes.Both films are based on Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet but each portrays the play in a completely different way. Zeffirellis version was rated a PG although there are scenes including nudity. Luhrmans was rated a 12. I imagine this is because so of the violence throughout and the fact that guns were often used and scene s such as Mercutios death scene which is gory and gruesome.Luhrmans opening scene starts with a television in the middle of the screen. The television is showing a black American woman saying the original Shakespeare prologue as if it was a news report. As the camera zooms in the audience can see in the background there is a broken ring with Star Crossed Lovers below it. The dialogue is fast and quite a high tone. A narrator then repeats the prologue. This time the voice is a deeper tone and slightly slower. It is spoken in a way that is slightly threatening and hints at the fact there will be evil in the film.As the scene moves on there is also text on the screen as the prologue is being read. It is certain parts of the prologue such as A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life which really emphasises certain things that become a lot more obvious in the play. The characters also appear on screen with their name next to them. There is also text to tell the audience how each char acter is related to either Romeo or Juliet. The camera is constantly panning from side to side. As soon as you see the title you get a hint of religion and race from the cross between Romeo and Juliet. The same cross also appears on the screen when the words Take Their Lives. The T on Take is shown as a cross, which again emphasises the religion and race throughout the film.The camera zooms in on a crowded city, gradually slowing down and flowing into quick flashes of important parts of the play across the screen, making a big montage of hint giving shots. In the background is some very dramatic, loud, and exciting music as shots of flames, chaos, helicopters, fireworks, police, and guns shoot onto screen. There are also shots of two tall office buildings, one with Montague on it and the other with Capulet on it and shots of newspaper articles with titles such as Capulat vs. Montague and Star crossed lovers.The shots of the buildings and newspapers are an extremely strong hint of co nflict between Capulet and Montague and a story of love and hate. Each frame lasts less than a second. This fast editing and use of dramatic music really gets your heart beating and makes you want to watch on and find out why all these images were included in the opening scene. Luhrman also uses bright lighting to really get the film going. The images show that there is going to be police involved and the flames and the chaos hint at some traumatic events. The fireworks also hint at the fact there may be a party and that it is going to be a lively and exiting film.Zeffirellis opening scene is very different from Luhrmans. It starts with a male narrator speaking slowly at a constant tone with little emotion in his voice. The words spoken are exactly the same as Shakespeares original prologue. The dialogue sounds quite sad and romantic, which gives a hint of romance in the film. The camera is paused on a birds eye view of a foggy village. There is lots of natural light as the sun slow ly breaks through the fog. The camera editing is much slower than Luhrmans.It then breaks into a long shot of the historic looking city with slow classical music in the background. The music has no lyrics and hints at a romantic film. The city looks very old and historic. This gives the impression of how a city would have looked in Shakespeares time. Unlike Luhrmans, Zeffirellis has no sound effects or people in the opening scene. The lighting is also a lot dimmer and less modern than Luhrmans. The text in Zeffirellis is in an old fashioned style and it just states the name of the play and characters. This has a much lesser effect than Luhrmans text does.The camera shots are a lot longer and therefore show a slow, romantic, and love filled film. The slow constant tone of the narrator and slow editing techniques are a lot less exciting and intriguing than Luhrmans.Both Luhrmans and Zeffirellis techniques are used throughout each of their films, each giving a strong impression of the directors style.Luhrmans party scene, like his opening scene is modern, bright, loud, and very entertaining with use of fast editing mixed with slow, long shots and fast modern music.The party scene starts with a big display of fireworks that gets the audiences attention and shows them that the scene to come is going to be lively and entertaining. It then moves on to quick moving party lights flashing throughout the Capulets house. Then we see Mercutio, in the middle of some huge stairs, dressed in womens clothes. Dancers surround him and loud party music is playing in the background. This shows modernism in the film. Zeffirelli wouldnt have dreamt of putting this in his film. Purely because peoples attitudes to sexuality, cross-dressing etc. has changed a lot since 1968. The carpet on the stairs is bright purple and there are bits of strong reds all around the room. Again, this is one of the many things that makes this film modern and relates it to a modern audience.The camera is c onstantly closing in on Romeo and then quickly panning to a close up of Juliet, showing their facial expressions and hinting at their feelings. The camera is mainly level with the actors heads. This makes the audience feel as if they were in the room with the characters.The party is set in a big house with large, bright stairs in the centre of the back wall. The room where the characters are dancing is brightly decorated with flowers. There are also lots of mirrors and a very large window. The mirrors and decoration show that the Capulets are wealthy. The characters are wearing shiny, brightly coloured, modern outfits. It is actually fancy dress. Juliet is dressed as a fairy, which shows she is a soft, caring, and loving character.The music in the background is slow and repetitive. It is by Desiray, which are a modern group and is perfect music to show love in the film because the lyrics state about love. The music pauses and the camera stays in a fixed position when Romeo and Julie t stop and stare at each other. This shows strongly the fact that something significant is going to happen between the two characters.The lighting in Luhrmans party scene is extremely technical. There are spotlights, spinning lights, neon lights, and fairground lights. Each one giving its own effect. The spotlight highlights Mercutio when he is dancing. There are also fireworks going on outside the house, which give the setting a more romantic feel.Overall Luhrmans party scene is a lot different to Zeffirellis because it is more lively, modern and wild. In Luhrmans the audience see passionate kissing, excessive drinking and hints of drug use. This plays a big part in relating the play to a modern audience.Again, Zeffirellis party scene is very different from Luhrmans. It is a lot more traditional and historic. The whole scene is much slower and more romantic than Luhrmans.In Zeffirellis there is a lot of singing. Especially near the end. Like Luhrmans there are a lot of close ups on Romeo and Juliet and the camera is at the same level as the characters heads. This, again, makes the audience feel more like they are at the party. The editing is a lot slower than Luhrmans and the shots tend to be a lot longer, giving the audience a sense of love. There are a few faster scenes to highlight the conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues.Like Luhrmans the party is set in a big mansion that had big stone walls and huge stone pillars. The pillars give focal points for the party. There are beautiful mosaics on the floor. Towards the end of the scene a man is singing with a circle of people around him. He is stood in the centre of one of the mosaics and it, again, gives a sense of love and romance. This is also given by the fact that there are lots of large candles spread around the roomThe characters are all wearing old costumes to represent Shakespeares time and all the men are wearing hats. Romeo is wearing a mask so that the Capulets will not see that he is a M ontague. The colours are all quite soft and more elegant than in Luhrmans. All the Montagues are wearing dark colours and all the guests at the party are wearing soft oranges and crà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½mes. This is a sneaky little hint of conflict between the two households. That hint is needed in this scene because the audience could forget about the conflict because both households are at the same party.The music is mostly slow but when there is a long shot of the guests dancing the music becomes a lot faster and livelier. This change gets the full attention of the audience. There are no sound effects in Zeffirellis party scene.The lighting in the scene is a lot more modest than in Luhrmans but still creates good images and hints at important things. One of the walls of the castle has a blue light shone onto it and it really gives a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Instead of having a spot light like in Luhrmans, Zeffirelli has used the natural light from outside the window to shine on the man si nging. This again shows love and romance and still keeps the film as if it were set in Shakespearian times.After having seen both versions of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet I think that each film was made for a very different reason. I think that Zeffirellis film was made to be as accurate to the original as possible but I think that Luhrman wanted to modernise the play for a modern audience. I think both directors achieved this.Zeffirellis version was much more about love, romance, and conflict between two families. He made the audience feel this by constantly using slow camera techniques and classical music with modest lighting. He also gave lots of hints about the conflict such as using different costumes for the Capulets and Montagues. Zeffirelli also made his film as much like the original as possible. He did this by using settings, lighting, music and costume that would have been around in Shakespeares day. He didnt use many modern effects because these would not have been avai lable when Shakespeare wrote his play.Luhrmans film was a lot more modern. He has turned a historic play into a modern film for the people of today. His fast editing and constantly panning camera angles along with his fantastic sound and visual effects made this film an amazing version of a fantastic play. He modernises the play so well by doing things such as making the character Paris into Dave Paris and Prince into Captain Prince. He uses guns instead of swords, which not only modernises the film but also makes it a lot more interesting and fast moving. A sword-fighting scene could go on forever but by using guns the fight is over with one shot.I think that the only things these films have in common are their titles and the language used in them and even that is spoken in completely different ways.I think that Luhrmans film is a lot better than Zeffirellis purely because I can relate to it. Its modernisation makes it fast and exciting. It is a completely enjoyable film and I woul d certainly recommend it.

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A New Campaign for the Grape Growers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

A New Campaign for the Grape Growers - Assignment Example Moreover, it is the case that there is an increasing obesity epidemic and fresh fruits (Especially grapes) are an important element of a healthy diet. The purpose of this campaign is to reinforce these principles to consumers. Without question, billboard advertisements need to be short and to the point as it is the case that most observers will be in passing vehicles. From this perspective, we need to utilize an eye-catching image and a short piece of text to reinforce the healthy qualities that grapes possess. For the purpose of the advertisement, the theme will be on a kind of eye-catching image. A cartoon image of a bundle of grapes, wearing a pair of glasses, a lab coat and a stethoscope (Effectively portraying an image of a doctor grape), with a large line of text that says â€Å"Ask me about how I can save your life.† Followed by a website link. The idea is for people to read the message and become intrigued with what health properties that grapes may possess. By observers seeing the website linked, they can find out all the relative information about the health properties.  As far as other advertisement mediums this campaign lends well to print, television and radio because of its simple properties.

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Handling devices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Handling devices - Essay Example I would like to reduce the diameter of the rollers so that more of them can be installed. This would allow even smaller materials to be transported through it. 2. Wheel barrow: A wheel barrow is also used to shift materials. The capacity to place material is smaller than that in the roller conveyor. It requires manual work, though the lifting person does not have to bear the load of material. He/she only has to push the wheel barrow. 3. Cranes: A crane is used to lift very heavy materials. It is specifically used for lifting the materials up. It is used to lift such heavy items as precast slabs on the top of walls. These works can not be done manually. If offers the advantage of lifting very heavy materials in very little time without causing any damage. References: Material Handling Equipment Taxonomy. (1999). Material Handling Equipment. Retrieved from conveyor.

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Trends in Innovative Technology

Trends in Innovative Technology Guide To Creative Industries Khalid Khan Digital Arts Kk356 What are creative industries? The creative industry refers to those that have their own individual skills and talent. The creative industry has the potential to create jobs for certain individuals and to create wealth for the economic through the development, production and exploitation of intellectual property (law). The way this has been achieved is through the development of culture and technology connecting people through images, sound, text and symbols. The creative industry consists of 13 sectors which include, Advertising Architecture Arts and antiques Crafts Design Designer fashion Film Interactive leisure software Music Performing arts Publishing Software and computer services TV and radio Who are the key players? What did you find out about them? The key players in the creative industries are the individuals that think outside the box and use their intuition to form their personal understanding on how one sector works in the creative industry. The way on how one individual is successful is through finding a weak gap in the sector and then improving its core values. In other words, originality and creativity. Let’s take the software and computer services sector. A great example of this would be Apple. The main reason why Apply is successful is because they’re not just selling electronics, they’re trying to sell a lifestyle and friendship to consumers who are otherwise without it. Another reason why Apple is successful is because of their marketing. The ‘brand’ is what stands out to the public. Some consumers are well aware that they can buy Microsoft brands who are the competitors for half the price however because of Apples marketing, the consumers are prepared to pay a premium price for ‘Apple’. Consumers buy Apple products because they automatically assume more expensive products mean better products. A similar brand has also approached this method. If we look at Monsters products we can also argue that it’s done very well in the music industry. To a lot of consumers, the Apple products and the Monsters Beats brand is a fashion acce ssory and status symbol. What are the current trends? Hologram Hologram is becoming popular trend as it allows images to be recorded in three dimensions and to be displayed in different angles which can be perceived as a real object being displayed in the real world. However this being said, hologram was first technologized by Dennis Gabor. In 1948 Dennis Gabor wrote a paper that has become the foundation of modern holograms. Unfortunately Dennis could not pursue his idea further due to the lack of apparatus and instruments used at the time. Musion is a global creative company which specialize in Hologram developments. Musion are best known for working with Madonna Louise, Gorillaz, Tupac Shakur, David Beckham and many more. Musion’s aims are to present 3D holographic images in real time so they are indistinguishable from real live performance and presenters appearing alongside them. Another popular trend in the creative industry is the ability to work as a freelancer or being self-employed. This gives them the flexibility to organise and work on their own pace and the freedom to work where they want. Another reason why being self-employed is a popular trend in the creative industry is having the flexibility over the payment rates and terms applied. You can negotiate your prices with the clients depending on how confident you are with yourself however one major downside to being self-employed that you’re challenged with a certain level of financial instability. Timeline of Holography: 1947: Dennis Gabor developed the theory of holography 1960: Pulsed ruby laser was developed. 1962: White light reflection hologram was invented. 1983: MasterCard first credit card to use holograms. 2009: Interactive holographic displays developed. 2010: Development of moving 3D holograms. What important projects and/or productions happened in the last five years? Touch Screen Technology Ultimately, the main project that has been successful in the last five years is the ability to use touch screen. Touch screen technology has allowed users to interact directly with what is being displayed rather than using keyboard or mouse. This has been used in many projects such as smartphones, video games, navigation systems and computer systems. The main company that revolutionized touchscreens was Apple. With their innovative designs and technology, the IPhone was far more superior than any other telecommunication system out at the time. In 2007, Apple revealed the iPhone which changed the face of telecommunication and screen technology. Not only was it touch screen, the device was revolutionary because it incorporated the ability to record and take photos, play games, take notes, watch YouTube videos, connect to WiFi and more. Following the success of this device, Apple released their next generation of other devices such as iPod and iPad. Their market research lead them into making the iPod and iPad very similar to the iPhone, expect for the difference that it doesn’t have the cell phone capabilities. Both systems relied on the same touch screen technology and using the same user-interface. Leap Motion Technology Leap motion is a technology that is in the process of being developed by companies such as Samsung. The technology allows the user to use hands in motion instead of using the conventional keyboard or mouse. The technology is a way of interaction. The technology uses motion detection in order to process detecting changes in the position of an object relative to its surrounding. History of Leap Motion The technology was first developed in 2008. The initial investment was from David Holz who started the company (LEAP MOTION) along with his childhood friend Michael Buckwald. ‘The company raised a $1.3M seed financing round in June 2011 with investments from venture capital firmsAndreessen Horowitz,Founders Fund, andSOSventures, as well as severalangel investors. In May 2012, Leap Motion announced a $12.75MSeries. A funding roundled byHighland Capital Partners.In January 2013, Leap Motion announced a further series B round of funding for $30M’. Currently, Leap Motion are trying to implement their technology into gaming, where some users may find gaming experience more intuitive compared to mouse and keyboard however this being said, there are consoles such as the Nintendo Wii that imitate this process. What innovative technology is used and how? 3D printing 3D printing is an innovative technology being used in many of the creative industries as the technology allows an object to be printed by three dimension. 3D printers build objects by depositing a material such as metal or plastic to be printed out in layer by layer until the final product is complete. The process of this is called rapid prototyping or 3D printing. The main benefit of using 3D printing is prototypes can be printed in hours. This means the user can obtain feedbacks from the prototypes or any refine designs that needs to be changed and can be repeated until the final design is perfect. One major company that is using the aid of 3D printing is Nike. Nike falls into the designer fashion sector and with the aid of 3D printing, Nike has successfully managed to present 3D items such as football boots and their new duffle bags which are aimed at the very high end luxury market. This is a clever way of integrating 3D printing into sports product designs. This demonstrates that the performance of 3D printing is starting to be getting recognised by famous brands across the world. Virtual Reality Provides 3D reality experiences mostly for gaming and video entertainment purposes. Virtual Reality is a computer simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of being generated in a virtual environment instead of the one that they’re actually in. A lot of video gaming companies have developed the technology to put the user in an interactive world, for example, in a driver’s seat of a car or in a battle field first person shooter however the users perception of reality is not altered, the user is simply a spectator overseeing the events that are happening in that world. In order for our brains to perceive a virtual environment, there are a few key factors that are vital for the creation of an immersion experience necessary for virtual reality. While there are different display methods, one of the most popular ways to experience virtual reality is through a head set. Head set devices use stereoscopic displays, to make what you see three dimensional, and to give depth to the image that you’re looking at. The ability to tack a user’s motion such as their head and eye movement, allows the images displayed in that headset to actually change, your perspective, so if you turn to the left, the display will render whatever is on your left environment. Besides visions, certain VR experience, will also include, other sensors stimulations like, sounds and even tactical feedback for touch. Virtual reality has a lot of practical outside of gaming. It has been used for training simulations, for shoulders, pilots, and doctors. Drives such as Oculus has advance the VR experience by including, superior graphics, improved latency and wider range of motion. Reduce costs of components, also allowing virtual reality devices to become affordable, for consumers. What future projects/technologies are being developed? Smart glasses i.e Google Glasses Smart Glass is a future development project being planned by various companies such as Google to create free displaying information on a user’s perspective. It is a device that is worn in front of the eye that acts as if the information is being displayed in the front of your eyes. The video displays a pop up hands free information. Another feature that smart glasses are implementing are EyeTap technology. The technology allows the user to record the scene available right in front of the user’s perspective. The video camera takes photos and can take videos too. Another feature is having speakers built in. The speaker is designed for the user to make or receive calls. Another feature that is on board is a microphone. Not only does this allow the user to make telephonic communications but it also acts as a voice recognition. This allows the user to take voice commands from the user without having to touch the display.

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Limitations and Constraints of Marketing Essay

In this assignment I will describe the limitations and constraints of marketing for Barclays. Within this I will discuss legal Acts that Barclays have to comply with when advertising, collecting data and market researching. Any and every organisation has limitations and constraints that they have to submit too within marketing, when it comes to market research, advertising or collecting data there are three laws every business has to obey. These laws are: Data Protection Act 1998 Trade Description Act 1968 Consumer Credit Act 1974 Data Protection Act 1998 The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by businesses or the government. People who are responsible for using data have to follow strict rules called Data Protection Principles. This means they must make sure the information is used fairly and lawfully, specifically stated purposes and used in a way that is acceptable, relevant and not excessive. All information has to be accurate and kept safe and secure. Any companies that keep information on living and identifiable people, all must comply with the Data Protection Act; this has to apply to any computerised or manual records containing personal information about people.  Barclays Bank will use this information, with them having accounts on students etc. they will use their information to send out any type of services or offers the bank is promoting, this is a form of advertising. Barclays may also use this information for market research, for example if the bank wants a review of consumer’s opinions on a new service or if they would be interested in a new service, they can send questions, surveys to the information they have. Trade Description Act 1968 Merchandise Marks laws were replaced with The Trade Descriptions Act this came into place on 20 November 1968, the laws and this new Act dealt with mis-description of goods and its particular job is to ensure that organisations tell the truth about goods, prices and services. This Act makes it an offence if a company uses false trade descriptions to any of their goods and services, this Acts purpose is stop businesses advertising goods or services with false proposition. This Act covers a lot from the quantity, size or measure of goods; how they were made or processed; what they are made of; when they were made; their fitness for purpose; strength, performance, behaviour or accuracy and any other physical characteristics. Barclays will have to obey to this law, they cannot sell, promote a service with false intent. The Student Additions Account’s will have to meet to their description alongside the features included into the account have to be accurate and precise. Consumer Credit Act The Consumer Credit Act was put into effect in 1974, it requires organisations that loan money to consumers or offer merchandise or services on credit or participate in certain additional credit activities, have to be licensed by the OFT. If a company traded without a license, it would then lead to court case, not having your license or following this act is a criminal offence and can result in a fine or imprisonment. This act regulates consumer credits and insures content and form of credit agreement, procedures relating to events of default, termination or early settlement, credit advertising, method of calculating annual percentage rate (APR) and section 75 which gives consumers extra protection on items that cost over  £100 and up to  £30.000 paid by credit card. Before Barclays give out their services to consumers they will assess their  creditworthiness, they will use sufficient information obtained from a customer and a credit reference agency. Once a regulated agreement is in place, Barclays Bank will comply with the law and follow the act. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) The ASA are an industry that deals with most types of ads, they deal with peoples complaints about advertisements, anything that people may find inappropriate, offensive, irresponsible or potentially harmful. Once a complaint has been made the ASA will do all it can to get the advertisement removed or changed. The types of ads they deal with include: Magazine and newspaper advertisements Radio and TV commercials Television Shopping Channels Advertisements on the Internet. Commercial e-mail and SMS text message ads Posters on legitimate poster sites Leaflets and brochures Cinema commercials Direct mail Door drops and circulars Ads on CD ROMs, DVD and video, and faxes Sales promotions, such as special offers, prize draws and competitions wherever they appear. The ASA will help businesses like Barclays produce adverts that will not be misled and will meet principles and meet standards to a fair nature, these ads should be truthful and responsible. When a company produces any type of advertisement they have to make sure images, scripts they use are acceptable otherwise there ads could be removed or told to change. There are certain things that the ASA do not find acceptable alongside consumers, such as binge drinking, concerns of obesity, smoking all markets should be aware. Pressure groups are people who all have a strong opinion on something and act upon it; if an organisation produced something a pressure group did not agree with it would have a negative impact against the company. Consumerism Consumerism is a movement for people; consumerism protects the customer against useless, inferior, or dangerous products, misleading advertising and unfair pricing. It is rights for all customers to have their say, before 1960 consumers had very little rights, now the law has changed and consumers have a lot more. This was put into place because of consumers wanting to be heard, they wanted a right to choose and to be informed. There are certain things consumers can find offensive or unacceptable, when a marketer makes advertisement they have to be careful about use of language, blasphemy, subjective humour and false sayings. When an organisation like Barclays produces any type of advertising they have to comply with all laws and consumerism, businesses will do this for their own safety as well as customers.

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Ops 571 Statistical Process Control

Chase, Jacobs and Aquilano pose questions such as, â€Å"How many paint defects are there in the finish of a car? [and] Have we improved our painting process by installing a new sprayer? † These questions are meant to investigate and apply different techniques that we can use to improve the quality of life. Quality control not only applies to manufacturing techniques, it can also be applied to everyday life. This discussion will focus on a specific method of quality control called statistical process control that will ensure my morning process is effective.One method of quality control can be pursued through process control procedures like statistical process control or SPC. SPC â€Å"involves testing a random sample of output from a process to determine whether the process is producing items within a preselected range†. (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 354) SPC is a method that can be applied to a process in order to monitor or control that process. In week one, I described a personal process of waking up in the morning through to going to work.In addition to my process, I presented several bottlenecks that can slow my process down including the ability of my alarm clock working, weather impact on travel time, and availability of gym equipment. In the examples below, I will focus on how alarm failures have affected my morning process. SPC has shown how statistical data can be charted in order to see how my morning process is affected by my bottlenecks and whether or not it is a positive. Goods or services are observed not as variables but as attributes. Attributes are quality characteristics that are classified as either conforming or not conforming to specification. † (Chase, Jacobs & Anquilano, 354) In example one, a sample was taken 10 times over a 30 day period in which alarm failures were observed. In order to create a visual representation of the statistics, we must combine the data from the sample. Once the data is gathered, we can provide a solution to create a control chart. Control charts are used as a â€Å"component of total quality [in order to] monitor processes†. Green, Toms, Stinson, 37) First, we calculate the fraction of defective alarms from the sample in order to gain a total and a centerline for our graph. p = Total number of defects from all samples/Number of samples ? Sample size p = 25/ 10 ? 30 = . 08333 Next, we can calculate the standard deviation. Sp = vp (1 – p)/ n Sp = v . 08333 (1 – . 08333) / 30 = . 05050 Example 1Sample| Number of Days| Days Alarm Failed to Work| Fraction Defective| 1| 30| 2| . 06667| 2| 30| 2| . 06667| 3| 30| 3| . 10000| 4| 30| 3| . 10000| 5| 30| 2| . 06667| 6| 30| 4| . 13333| 7| 30| 3| . 10000| 8| 30| 2| . 06667| 9| 30| 2| . 6667| 10| 30| 2| . 06667| Total| 300| 25| . 08333| Sample Standard Deviation| . 05050| | | Finally, the control limits are used to measure attributes with a single decision of yes or no, good or bad, and positive or negative. This s imple decision can be translated into a graph with upper and lower control limits. If the sample is plotted and stays in between the limits, then the sample is considered good or working properly. â€Å"Should a sample mean or proportion fall outside the control limits or a series of mean or proportions exhibit a non-random pattern the process is deemed out-of-control. (Green, Toms, Stinson, 37) In order to turn the chart into a graph, we will need to calculate the upper control limits (UCL), the lower control limits (LCL) and z. â€Å"†¦z is the number of standard deviations for a specific confidence†. In this example, we will use the †z-value of 3 in order to represent a 99. 7% confidence† (Chase, Jacobs, & Anquilano, 356). This means that when that the confidence interval â€Å"falls outside the control limits, there is a 99. 7% chance that there is something wrong with the process that must be corrected†. Green, Toms, Stinson, 37) Though not perfe ct, a confidence of 99. 7% is useful. The SPC must also take into consideration the number of data points as well. The more data that is available the stronger your confidence intervals are. UCL = p + z Sp UCL = p + 3Sp UCL = . 08333 + 3(. 05050) = . 23483 LCL = p – z Sp LCL = p – 3Sp LCL = . 08333 ? 3(. 05050) = -. 06817 In the control chart, the data from the sample stays in between the controls. This means that my process in the morning is working properly and is effective.Now, it is important to look to the future trends in order to predict seasonal factors. â€Å"A seasonal factor is the amount of correction needed in a time series to adjust for the season of the year. † (Chase, Jacobs & Anquilano, 533) Seasonal factors may affect the samples by taking into consideration factor based on seasons or time periods. The alarm clock that is used to wake me up in the morning is not dependent on any factors of time or season. Statistical process control is one way to control quality and make sure goals are attained.Statistical methods show that the samples taken can create visual representations that conclude my alarm clock is an effective method to starting my morning process. This ensures that it is operating at its fullest potential. REFERENCES Chase, R. B. , Jacobs, F. R. , Aquilano, N. J. Operations management for competitive advantage (11th ed). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin. Green Jr. K, Toms L, Stinson T. STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL APPLIED WITHIN AN EDUCATION SERVICES ENVIRONMENT. Academy Of Educational Leadership Journal [serial online]. June 2012;16 (2):33-46.